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Amy Zhang , Publisher
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Journal of Port and Harbour Construction is a multidisciplinary Chinese open source journal published internationally in related research fields of port and waterway construction. The journal is committed to resolving problems in related fields through the academic discourse of prominent theories, methodologies, and novel discoveries. The purpose of the magazine is to provide readers with scientific and technological information on port engineering design and construction, to create conditions for the continuous use of high and new technologies in port engineering capital construction, to improve the quality of port engineering design, technical level and engineering benefits, and to promote the development of the world’s water transport construction industry. This journal focuses on integrating theory with practice, especially its practicability. The journal is intended, in particular, for scientific and technological researchers engaged in traffic construction engineering design, survey, construction, supervision, engineering management and other work, as well as teachers and students of relevant specialties in colleges and universities. As a professional academic journal focusing on the technical aspects of habour and port construction, the following research areas are focal points for the journal.