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Geological and Mineral Surveying and Mapping (ISSN:2630-4732) is an international open source surveying and mapping journal ,academic papers covering geodesy, engineering surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing, cartography, oceanography, mine surveying, cadastral mapping, geographic information systems, and information transmission and processing, surveying and mapping, etc.The paper requires a high academic level, original significance or significant application value. Interdisciplinary papers in other fields must focus on the field of mapping and geographic information. It aims to bring scientific discourse and discovery to a broad international audience by providing engineers, researchers and scholars a platform to share, discuss and advocate new issues and developments in the field of mappingscientists . This journal is a high-standard and high-level peer-reviewed academic journal,the editors encourage contribution of articles with theoretical and practical related to the journal. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in this journal.