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Amy Zhang , Publisher
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Hydropower and Water Resources is a multidisciplinary Chinese academic journal that covers topics related to hydropower and water resources. It contains different theories and methodologies as a solution to problems arising from hydropower and water resources. As an analysis platform for the breakthrough in knowledge, it aims to become a cutting-edge research journal for hydropower and water resources. In addition, the combinations of theoretical and practical studies ensure that this journal achieves a better quality. Hydropower and Water Resources also provides references and resources for researchers, management and education related personnel for solving complicated issues related to on water resources, hydropower, civil engineering, water transportation, waterway management, environmental engineering, soil and water conservation, urban water supply and drainage. Hydropower and Water Resources is a journal with high academic standard, and undergoes a stringent high-quality peer-review process. The editors welcome contributions from authors that cover topics which are related but not limited to this issue.